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3 M's of Change: What Makes the Change - Part 3
with: Pastor Allen Sudmann
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Creative Learning Center (CLC)


CLC Registration is Underway!

Registration for childcare, preschool and latchkey programs is underway at Creative Learning Center. Classes fill fast, so sign up today! Call 810-653-1308.



Fall Ministries

Fall sceanThere are many ways to serve the body of Christ this fall. We are in need of:

      • C3 Group Leaders
      • ROTC Leaders
      • Noah's Park Patrol
      • Cleaning Help for August

Mops is Coming to DMC!

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Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

First and third Thursday of each month from 9am-11:30am - beginning in Sept.

To join or become a caregiver email Jamie at



Global Prayer Needs

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

SLOVENIA. Monthly prayer is going on in the capitol city. Out of this praying the spiritual atmosphere has changed. Drugs and drunkenness are down. Slovenia is a different country than it was 10-15 years ago. (International Prayer Call)

UKRAINE. God has raised up 3 Bible seminaries and 15 Bible Colleges in this troubled country. 300,000 people attend more than 2,800 churches there. (Friends of Israel)

CHINA. The 100 millionth copy of God’s Word rolled off printing presses in China this past year. So many Chinese are coming to faith that entire communities are being changed and churches are being established. The demand for Bibles is greater than ever. (American Bible Society)

CHINA. A Christian woman was told by her husband to renounce her Christian faith, and threatened divorce. She replied, “You can leave me, but I will never leave Jesus!” Ask God to strengthen this sister and multitudes like her throughout the world. (Open Doors)

IRAN. Bibles are in very short supply and very high demand. 10 million Bibles would be readily received. It is illegal to print and distribute the Scriptures, yet they continue to slip into the country. Ask God to provide Bibles for additional languages in Iran. (Operation World)

IRAN. Some Iranian believers testify boldly when they stand trial or during hearings. Ask the Lord to empower the testimonies of imprisoned believers before their judges and other officials. (Open Doors)

INDONESIA. A spiritual movement in Jakarta, the capitol, is impacting the whole country. Megachurch structures, some seating 10,000, are going up. Pray that God might use the dynamic Christian presence in Jakarta to impact all of Indonesia. (Operation World)

PAPUA, INDONESIA. The government is urging Muslim families to move to Papua and spread Islam throughout the largely Christian population. Pray spiritual power for the Papuans to have the opposite outcome—incoming Muslims turning to Jesus! (Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin)

ISRAEL. Joel Rosenberg has appealed to Prime Minister Netanyahu to call the nation of Israel to prayer and fasting during the Gaza war. Pray that Israel will follow the examples of Solomon, Jehoshaphat, Josiah and Nehemiah in calling on the Lord. (Rosenberg)

IRAQ. The Islamic Caliphate last week ordered all Christians in Mosul to convert to Islam, pay a high poll tax, or be killed. Pray for more than 200 families who fled in panic, and then were robbed and plundered of all possessions in their escape! (Assist News Service)

JAPAN. The huge recent tsunami has forced Japanese churches to come together and receive help from the international Body of Christ. Pray that Japanese Christians will recognize Christ in outside helpers, and will find hope, purpose and strength in Him to meet coming national crises. (Window Japanese Summit)

NORTH AFRICA. Large numbers of vacationers will travel in the next two weeks from their homes in Europe to their home countries in North Africa. Pray that the Word of God will take root among travelers who receive Gospel packets in ports on the way. (Operation Transit)

GAZA. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…” even in these violent times! Psalm 122:6

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

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